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16 July 2021



The Trailer of the movie Kaval, directed by Nithin Renji Panikkar and produced by Joby George under the banner Goodwill Entertainment has been released. The highlight of the trailer is the outstanding action scenes of the action hero Suresh Gopi. Though Mohanlal was keeping his leg on the shoulder of the police in this movie Suresh Gopi keeps his Knee on the chest with more vigor. The action comes back to the screen with the same vigour. 

Suresh Gopi comes as Thamban in the leading role and Renji Panikkar acts as Antoney, the best friend of Thamban. The tail end has been written by Renji Panikkar who has written and directed by the same.

The main role is being featured by Padmaraj Ratheesh, Muthumani, Rachel David, Evan Anil, Sadhique, Kichu Tellas and Shankar Ramakrishnan. The cinematography is done by Nikhil S Praveen who packed the National award for the best Cinematography.

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