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5 July 2021



There can be many reasons behind the people who decides to have no children. Jude Antony makes us familiarize Saras a woman who doesn't like to become a mother and bring up the children. It remains the world that women have the equal right with the man to create their own opinion and choice in everything. 

The movie which has been released in the Amazon OTT, has been stared by Sunny Vain and Anna Benny. Being involved in film industry the biggest ambition of  Saras is to write and direct a movie.  In search of this story Saras reaches the apartment of the forensic surgeon Dr. Sandhya Philip. There she meets Jeevan who an unemployed youth looking after the children of Sandhya. Jeevan is the only brother of her who abandoned  his job. The less attachment of Jeevan towards the children makes them to be attracted and they get married in an agreement that they would remain childless. But a little later Sara become pregnant and Jeevan  prepares himself to become a father. Sara disagrees with Jeevan to take responsibility of giving birth to a child  as she had a lot of  dreams on her Career. The movies pushes forward with the after effects of it. It criticizes the traditional way of treating women to be confined inside four walls of the house always remaining as a house wife. It describes various problems faced by women in the society.

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