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19 September 2017

Vineeth Srinivasan Vows to Watch Ramaleela

Dileep's last completed movie Ramaleela is all set to hit the big screens on September 28. The movie is getting released after postponing its release date over a couple of times after the actor got arrested in his alleged connection in the conspiracy behind the actress attack case.

The society is divided over Dileep's fate. While many say he deserves jail for his foul deeds, a good percentage of his fans still believe that he will come out of jail with clean hands.

The same opinion is there about his movie Ramaleela as well. While many say the movie must not be watched on the theatres just because of Dileep's presence, there are people who say that they will watch the movie. Luckily, Vineeth Srinivasan falls in the second category.

Rumours will do its work. It places its impact on both the ends. Arun Gopi has a personality and that will be reflected in Ramaleela as well, Vineeth said.

Vineeth is not the sole person coming up to support the movie. Earlier, veteran actor Joy Mathew too came up speaking in favor of the movie.

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