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7 September 2017

Mohanlal Best Comedy Scenes Selected Five

Watch the selected five comedy scenes of Mohanlal. Comedy or sentiment, Mohanlal remains always the best. It is always hard to find which is best among those many comedy movies he has acted.

1. Minnaram

No one will ever forget this comedy scene from the movie Minnaram. Despite the hard efforts of Mohanlal, Maniyanpillai Raju fails to say the name of the child.

Both the actors shine equally well in this scene making it an everlasting comedy scenes of the superstar.

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2. Thenmavin Kombathu

Kuthiravattam Pappu, as a drunkard, really teases Mohanlal. This scene from the movie Thenmavin Kombathu is noticed for the wit it offered.

Muthugow comedy scene and Lelu Allu scenes are also renowned from the same movie. The combination of Mohanlal - Sobhana was one of the most successful pairs of the time. 

The language is a barrier for many. It is very common that people fall into troubles when they do not know the language. The lelu allu scene is a perfect example of language trouble.

3. Adhipan

How do we get irritated when we don't get the right person on the phone call? This call scene from the movie Adhipan shows the great talent of superstar Mohanlal. This drunken scenes is certainly one of his masterpieces for sure.

4. Boeing Boeing

There are people who do not know cooking but is interested in that. Here, Mohanlal's effort to learn cooking is tampered by Mukesh's decision to get fitness. You can't save yourself without laughing. See the best comedy scene here.

5. Kilukkam

When counting the best comedy movies of Mohanlal, we can exclude Kilukkam in no way. The Kozhikkari comedy scene is one of those great comedy scenes of Jagathy Sreekumar as well. However, I feel the one who shined in this scene is none other than Revathy.

These are the five scenes which remain the most popular for us. Tell us which are yours.

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