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5 August 2017

Chunkzz Movie Review: Good for the Youth, not for Family

Chunkzz movie, as its name represents, is a youth oriented one and not a family entertainer.

What’s good?

  • The campus oriented movie attracts the youth.
  • Gopi Sunder’s music and background scores are decently good.
  • Honey Rose appears as glamorous in the movie.

What’s bad?

  • Lack of strong story board.
  • Excessive and intentional use of puns and double-meaning words. 

Opinion & Rating

The movie Chunkzz is targeted to the youth audience. The movie is noted for the excessive and intentional use of puns and words with double-meaning. It is not recommended for family audience and women folks. I will rate 3 on 5. (Rating: 3/5)

Chunkzz is a term closely related to the life of the youth in Kerala. From the title itself, we get the idea what the movie is all about. The movie speaks about the story of some engineering students. Gorgeous actress Honey Rose appears in the lady-lead role.

This is probably the reason why Omar Lulu picked this as the name for his movie. Yet, the name is not justified in any way as it fails to visualize the actual youths but rather it wrongly visualizes the youth as people with foul tongues.

The excessive use of pun is one of the major drawbacks of the film. Even the so-called youth seemed not to have enjoyed. There were shouting from the theatres when such dialogues were uttered. Their shouts could be taken as a fitting message to the director Omar Lulu stating that the youth do not behave like those in the movie.

The story lacks connection at many spots. The theme of the movie is built around the incidents happening in an engineering college. There is only one girl and she is the pet of everyone. As everyone tries to gain her attention, the usual hero is here to chase all of them away.

Dharmajan too fails, at times, miserably. His wits are mostly built up on puns and have wrong intentions. Hence, they do not bring any desired results. Gopi Sunder does the music. The soundtrack is good and enjoyable but there are times when we feel like ‘copied.’

The movie is a good one and worth watching for those who like campus stories and youth oriented stories. As mentioned above, I won't recommend the movie for a family audience.

This is my personal review and you may have another stand point of view. Please write your review in the comment box below.

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